TRY-JANUARY is upon us , visit the Tap Room this month for a new and different exclusive sanctioned special each week!

Green lights, all go for Try-January!

What Is try-january?

The Wriggly Monkey Brewery’s alternative take on ‘Dry-January’ and a chance to explore new styles of beer. Our 5 new starters here at WMB have each engineered exciting ‘Sanction’ specials, brewed on our experimental kit. These will slowly be released throughout the weeks of January, exclusively available at the Tap Room.

Unfamiliar with our 'Sanction' series?

Our ‘Sanction’ series follows the tyre tracks of the famous British garagista racing teams like Cooper, BRM and Brabham, are limited brews sanctioned by the brewery, in which some are never-to-be-repeated prototypes. A rarefied few go on to reach full production and legendary glory that follows.

What's available and when?

Ollie – Brand Executive

Sanction O – 3.8% Best Bitter

Available: January 7th & 8th

Ollie who spent most of his childhood abroad and is now settled in a neighbouring village, loves nothing more than a social pint with his mates in the local pub. Sanction O is a sessionable bitter, designed for good craic and good banter, with a light to medium body and mouthfeel. A complex malt bill creates notes of caramel, and bready, malty aromas. It contains a traditional bittering variety from the use of Northdown hops, however, a final twist from Chinook hops gifts an inviting citrus balance. Bring your mates to the Tap Room, and settle in for the long haul with a round or two of Best Bitter.

Emily – Retail Executive

Sanction M – 4% Pale Ale

Available: January 14th & 15th, and on the 16th at Sunday Scramble

You may have seen Emily’s smiling face behind the bar at some of our events last year, including at our Independence Day celebration, where we brewed up a special East Coast IPA for the occasion. Emily wanted to build on that recipe but tweak it for her tastes, and she first dropped the alcohol down to 4% to make it more sessionable. She swapped in a lager malt to create more sweetness and mouthfeel, and introduced wheat and oats to the bill to bring a smooth finish and bready complexity. Finally, a suite of elaborate Simcoe and Azacca hops, and the added process of dry-hopping at the end, add an all-round fruity and citrus nature. Sanction M will lift you out of the chilling January winds! 

Terry – Operations Manager

Sanction P – 6.6% Strong Ale

Available: January 21st & 22nd

Terry was a loyal Wriggly Monkey regular for years before joining our team, so he’s already well-versed in our core range. He’s a man who knows what he likes in a pint, and that’s a big, strong, beer. He’s a fan of winter sippers and wanted to push the boundaries of what we’d normally produce, and at 6.6%, you should most certainly leave the car at home when you try his Strong Ale. A large malt bill consists of marris otter, crystals, and amber malt, with strong bready, malty and raisin notes present, and a deep chocolate colour. The hops give a traditional flavour, and counterbalance the bitterness with an element of sweetness. It’s a full bodied and robust pint, just as Terry envisaged.  

Joe – Assistant Brewer

Sanction N – 4.3% Blonde Ale

Available: 28th & 29th January

Joe recently joined as Assistant Brewer, working with Greig to produce our core range on a daily basis. A chemistry teacher by training, Joe loves nothing more than getting behind the experimental kit and playing around, and created a refreshing easy-drinking traditional British Blonde Ale designed to be enjoyed by all. Taking his favourite aspects of a summer ale – the light, dry and crispy mouthfeel – Joe has added the Wriggly Monkey stamp through use of our house malt, Marris Otter, and has pumped up the alcohol (just a little) to add some more intensity to the flavour. It’s a warm and friendly pint, a little like Joe himself!   

Andrew – Photographer and Content

Sanction Q – 4.8% Bottle Conditioned Australian Pale Ale

Available: End of January, natural bottle conditioning in progress.

If you’ve seen a tall Aussie getting about the brewery with a camera, that’s Andrew. The most iconic local beer back in Adelaide is Coopers Pale Ale, a cloudy, bottle fermented pale ale, and Andrew challenged Greig to put a Wriggly Monkey spin on the South Aussie classic. The Australian hops have been replaced by a more traditional British variety, contributing further to its cedar, piney nature. The big difference here is bottle conditioning – the beer is bottled after just three days, and moved into the warmest place at the brewery (under the office desks!) for secondary fermentation. Yeasts remain in the finished product, and before drinking you can either roll the bottle to evenly distribute them through the beer for more flavour, as the South Aussies do, or you can carefully pour into a glass for a clearer finish.     

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